• A mere 20% of women in India are financially literate. Only 8% have access to internet.
  • 65% women have a bank account – compared to 80% of the men.
Badhtey Kadam
Even when a girl or a woman is employed, she is not really allowed to make her own financial decisions.

In India, women and girls have less access to technology and have lower per capita incomes compared to men. It is ironic that while most women manage the day-to-day household budgets in India, 77% of working women depend on their spouses or their fathers to take care of their financial needs and decisions.

Why Support Badhtey Kadam

Financial and digital literacy can open new doors for girls and women – they can provide them with new information on healthy living, learning opportunities, technical and practical skills, and employment avenues. Our ‘Badhtey Kadam’ project is building skills and ability of girls in Chhattisgarh to empower them to exploit the potential of technologies and financial services in order to make better life and career choices. The goal of this campaign is to equip girls to take well-informed financial decisions and have greater access to information and services available in the digital world.

Usha Kumari’s Story

“I have my own little savings now and that I will invest wisely for my future. I don’t want to be financially dependent on husband, always prostrating in front of him for money”

Usha Kumari, a 20 year old girl, has started to work in a SHG after going through a digital and financial literacy course. She handles some basic accounting on the computer. She is soon to be married and believes in her financial independency now.

We, in C3, are working to provide young girls in Chhattisgarh with digital and financial literacy through our Badhtey Kadam (The Advancing Footsteps, in English) project

Equip adolescents to take informed financial decisions and have greater access to information and services available in the digital world.

At present our program reaches 350 girls in one district in Jharkhand. Your support will enable us to take the program to other districts in Jharkhand.


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