• What are the ways I can donate to C3?

    Online donations can be made on our website through your credit or debit card. Offline donations can be made by drawing a check payable to C3 and mailing it to us at the following address:
    Centre for Catalyzing Change,
    C-27, Qutab Institutional Area,
    Behind Qutab Hotel,
    New Delhi-110016

  • Is there tax exemption on my donation?

    C3 is registered with the Income Tax department. All donations made within India will be eligible for 50% exemption from tax under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

  • Will I get a tax exemption certificate for my donation?

    Your donation receipt can be used for tax exemptions under Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act 1961. If you want to get your receipt via post (or email us at contact@c3india.org ) then please email us your request and we will dispatch the same to you within 21 working days.

  • Can Non-Resident Indians donate to C3?

    Yes, NRIs can donate. However, it has to be done through their Indian bank accounts.

  • Can foreigners donate to C3?

    If you are a foreign national and interested in donating to our organization please write to us at contact@c3india.org and we will get back to you shortly.

  • How safe is it to use my debit/credit card for online donations?

    We take utmost precautions with your data, we will never share your information. We also do not store any sensitive information like your credit card or bank details.

  • What will my donation be used for?

    Your donation will help us in our mission to better the lives of every girl, every woman, everywhere.

    • It will help us scale-up our efforts and reach more states across the country.
    • Enable innovation in terms of technology and project design through research and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Will I get a report on how the funds will be used?

    All online donors receive a newsletter update on the progress of C3. We will release an annual report stating how C3 has utilized the funds.

  • Can I visit a project site where C3’s initiative is in progress?

    You are welcome to visit our project sites. To arrange your visit to our project site you can write to us at contact@c3india.org

  • Is there a helpline I can call if there are certain issues with my donations.

    Yes, please contact us at: 011-47488888 and ask for someone from the fundraising team.

  • If as a corporate, foundation or individual I wish to partner with C3 and contribute more, whom should I contact?

    C3 partners with individuals, foundations and corporations. To discuss how we can work with you or your organization, please write to us at contact@c3india.org

  • Can I cancel my donation or ask for a refund?

    At this time, we are unable to provide any cancellations or refunds for donations that have been completed. You can cancel the donation at any step before making the final payment. You are requested to exercise due diligence and care while making online donations.

    In case of a duplicate payment, we will not be able to process a refund. All the funds that we receive are diligently utilized for the improvement of the lives of women and girls across our implementation regions. Please be assured that your contributions positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and girls.