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Navya: Kyunki Life Hai Beautiful

Support young menstruators to have safe, healthy and confident periods


Navya aims to make a difference in the lives of young girls who are experiencing their first period

Often riddled with confusion, fear and lack of awareness about periods, hygiene, and puberty, young girls continue to find themselves at risk of unhygienic and unhealthy menstruation. Moreover, without the right information, the dangerous cycle of taboos and myths around periods continues.

In order to address this, C3 has launched Navya: Kyunki Life Hai Beautiful, a first-menstruator-kit for girls of 11-13 years, a critical age for forming habits, when they experience new changes and are brimming with questions. With Navya, young girls will have the right information and products to navigate through their first period with confidence and safety. Additionally, they will be informed of crucial government schemes that support menstrual health, such as subsidized menstrual pads. Here is to ensuring that every girl, every woman, everywhere has a positive first period story to tell.

Let's normalize menstruation!

For the year 2023, our aim is to provide 10,000 kits to young girls who do not have access to basic necessities and information on menstruation.