• On an average, a girl in India receives less than 4 years of education. 40% leave school before they reach the 8th grade.
  • In rural India, out of every 100 girls, only one reaches the 12th grade. 27% women are married before the age of 18.
  • 8% of girls between the ages of 15-19 are already mothers or pregnant. Only 28% have correct information on HIV-AIDS.
Mission 2025

Adolescents make up 21% of India’s population; of this, 120 million are adolescent girls. These girls live in harsh conditions, and are vulnerable to illiteracy, hunger and diseases. Their education and health is not a priority for India’s largely patriarchal system and the social variables that it engenders, which ensure that these girls and women remain neglected and marginalised.

Gender disparity in India is among the worst in the world. Access to critical information on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) is extremely limited, and girls and women have almost no autonomy to make decisions about their own health care; they depend instead on their families, communities, or service providers.

Why Support Mission 2025

C3 is one of the few Indian organisations that has demonstrated its capacity to work at scale and make a lasting impact. In 2018, we proposed for ourselves a target – to bring change in the lives of  1.4 million girls across India by empowering them with better education, health care and governance opportunities.

This is our Mission 2025. And in this, we are grateful and encouraged to have with us committed supporters such as AZIM PREMJI PHILANTHROPIC INITITATIVES

Four Key Objectives
to this Mission
  • INSTILL self-confidence so that girls
    and women can demand what is
    rightfully theirs
  • ENCOURAGE girls to stay in school
    and complete at least their secondary
  • ENSURE girls marry only after they
    attain the legal age and are ready and
  • SECURE the right of women to take
    their own decisions on delaying their
    pregnancy after marriage
Contribute to Mission 2025 and walk with us on our journey to improve the lives of adolescent girls across various high-burdened states of India.

With your support we will be able to reach 1.4 million adolescent girls enabling them to seek education and stand up for what is rightfully theirs.


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*Disclaimer: The money that you contribute will be pooled in and allocated towards the initiative where the need is the most.