• 29% of adolescent girls in Assam, 20% in Meghalaya, and 21% in Mizoram drop out of secondary school every year.
  • 31% of girls in Assam between 20-24 years are married off before they are 18. 14% between 15-19 years get pregnant or are already mothers.
  • The figures for Tripura are 33% and 19%, respectively.
Stay in School
Tripura, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are among the 12 states in the country where child marriage rates are higher than the national average.

India’s northeast is usually perceived as a more liberal and emancipated region than the rest of the country, with girls and women enjoying equal opportunities and rights, whether it is for their education or their choices in matrimony. But this is not the true picture.

A girl who is married before 18 loses her rights to education, leisure, good health, freedom of expression, and freedom from discrimination. It sets in motion a vicious cycle of ill health, maternal mortality that is likely to continue to the next generation as well.

Why Support Stay in School

Global evidence shows that for every 7 years of a girls’ education, marriage is delayed by 4 years, children are fewer by 2.2, and her income rises by 20% C3’s ‘Stay in School’ social impact fund work towards the prevention of girls from dropping out of school and reduce early marriages. Small grants from this fund will be given to local organizations to address issues like mobility, safety, ability to provide skill building,

Nirmali Deka’s Story

“I did not live my childhood. I don’t know what childhood means.”

Nirmali Deka was married off at 14; by 15, she was a mother. An age when she should have been in school, studying, playing with her friends, dreaming, hoping, and looking forward to make her dreams come true.

We, in C3, want to make sure her story is not repeated. We want to give these adolescent girls a different, more fulfilling future. Through our project, Stay in School.

Contribute to the social impact fund to help girls in the North-East stay in school.

Every rupee donated for this collaborative effort will go towards making girls Stay in School and prevent early marriage of adolescent girls in northeast. All administration and management expenses for running the small grants program will be borne by C3.


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*Disclaimer: The money that you contribute will be pooled in and allocated towards the initiative where the need is the most.