• 69% girls get married before the age of 18. Maternal mortality rate is an alarmingly high 261.
  • Bihar ranks 21 out of 23 states on indicators of education, expenditure and health.
  • Literacy among women is very low at 31%. 58% of women face domestic violence.
Bihar provides 50% reservation for women in its Panchayati Raj institutions. But many of the women who are elected are inexperienced, ill-informed and untrained.

Many of them are, in fact, forced to stand for elections as proxies for their husbands or their fathers. The state’s record on every parameter – from early marriages and maternal mortality to women’s literacy, domestic violence and healthcare – has been quite dismal.

Studies indicate that women in leadership roles can bring about dramatic changes in their communities. However, they must garner the necessary experience to run their constituencies, like managing budgets, monitoring health and education services or managing domestic conflicts, etc.

Why Support Pahel

C3 has taken the initiative under its project Pahel to make a difference where it matters the most – by strengthening the voice, participation, leadership and influence of the elected women representatives in Panchayats. We have been mentoring and training over 4,000 of these women leaders across 10 blocks in 4 districts of Bihar. Building in them the self-confidence and determination to decide on behalf of themselves and their communities. Creating a cadre of change leaders who will have the power to pull out Bihar’s women from their current state of abject poverty and marginalisation.

Kesari’s Story

“I am no longer known as someone’s wife, daughter or mother. I am known as mukhiyaji. And everyone listens respectfully when I speak.”

At 30, Kesari is the elected mukhiya (head-woman) of her village panchayat. She is well-informed, decisive and supremely confident. And she thanks C3 for this. C3’s mentorship programme for women leaders in Bihar’s local governance systems – Pahel -- has transformed over 4,000 women like her.

Help us build and nurture women into leaders so they can drive change.

At present we mentor over 4000 Elected Women Representatives across 10 blocks of 4 districts in Bihar. With your support, we will be able to cover the entire state of Bihar.

Your money will be utilized towards:
  • Providing learning materials for the trainings of the elected women representatives of Panchayats in Bihar
  • Including courses in digital and financial literacy for women leaders

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*Disclaimer: The money that you contribute will be pooled in and allocated towards the initiative where the need is the most.