Project inception year :

2019 - 2020

Project supported by :

Thomson Reuters

Project area :

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh

Project reach :

350 girls

Brochure : Download
Badhtey Kadam: Making digital education and mediums accessible

Goal :

To develop a cadre of empowered adolescent girls, who are financially and digitally literate, confident in expressing their opinions and choices and ready to join the workforce.

Need :

In Chhattisgarh, only 26.5% of women have 10 or more years of schooling. Over 21% of women aged 20-24 years have been married before they turned 18. A mere 31% of women own a mobile phone. Just 44% of women have access to money which they can call their own and use as they wish.

There is also a deep gender gap. Compared to 50% of men completing their secondary education, only 11% of the state’s women manage to do so. With their average daily income at Rs 162 compared to Rs 266 for men, women and girls – naturally – are at a disadvantage when it comes to taking life-changing financial decisions.

Badhtey Kadam is an effort to lead our girls on to the right path. A path which builds and hones their skills and abilities, makes them independent. One which gives them greater access to information and services available in the digital world. Equips them to take informed financial decisions, make better choices in their lives and careers.

Our program

C3 has identified, trained and equipped block coordinators in the project area (Bilaspur). These coordinators support, train and mentor our girls.

C3 has developed a curriculum which includes the basics of digital literacy (operating a computer/smartphone), using MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel, the internet (search engines, email, e-shopping, and other transactions), and social media (Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp etc). The curriculum also includes sessions on mathematical and financial skill-building, as well as on all aspects and functions of banking.

To add to this, based on their interest, girls in the program are mentored on preparing for the workforce -- on using the internet to access vocational, skill-building or employment opportunities, writing resumes, preparing for interviews, undertaking written tests etc.

Badhtey Kadam has in-built provisions for sustained monitoring and hand-holding of the girls it supports.

Key Highlights :
  • Increased knowledge and information on financial concepts
  • Increased knowledge about the basic use of technology, internet, social media and search engines
  • Increased comfort and confidence in using ICT