Linking Women to Services

Amplifying women’s voices to improve quality of care through feedback mechanism

Coupling mobile health (mHealth) with a crowd sourcing strategy could engage and empower women to become advocates for quality care.


Mobile phones are ubiquitous in India. The country has one of the fastest growing telecom networks in the world. Women, including those in rural areas, are among India’s millions of subscribers. Centre for Catalyzing Change as the Secretariat of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood India (WRAI) is partnering with Gram Vaani – a social technology company – to leverage mobile phones and explore the potential of this technology to empower women around their maternal health care.


As one of the four Merck for Mothers partners in India, the new mHealth platform enables women to rate the quality of maternal health care they receive. Radio campaigns and other offline communications channels inform women of a free phone line they can call to (a) learn about their maternal health entitlements, and get information about quality of care (b) rate the services they receive from public and private facilities.