Girls Education and Youth Development

Girls Education and Youth Development Introduction

Centre for Catalyzing Change was the one of the first organizations working with young people in India, to launch the BLO program for adolescents in 1987. Over the years the program was expanded and adapted widely by other organizations across different states in India. Our programs focuses on building the leadership skills of adolescents with information and awareness on health issues as well as enhancing awareness on gender equality, nutrition, hygiene, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and civic responsibility and vocational training by reaching out to both in-school as well as out-of-school adolescents.

Our Youth programs has a two-fold focus; on empowering adolescents from out of school through civil society and government led community based programs and working at scale to implement school adolescent education programs in partnership with state governments in an effort to influence adolescent health and education policy and guidelines in India. From health to human rights and from self-confidence to civic participation, our approach to adolescence education stresses on enhancing practical Life Skills that help expand knowledge specific to their health, well-being and development and offer young adolescents a world of opportunities.