What We Do

Gender Equity and Governance

Centre for Catalyzing Change is committed to women’s equal participation in governance and leadership roles as a step towards building a stronger nation. Reflecting local values and needs, we partner with communities to raise women’s voices and mobilize for better public policies and programs to increase women’s political participation. Believing that a larger role for women will lead to empowered, healthier societies, we work to increase leadership roles for women within their families and communities. We provide training to women to help them take leadership roles better and we involve men and youth in supporting women’s voices. In this effort, Centre for Catalyzing Change is building capacities of elected women panchayat representatives to spearhead change. These representatives are trained and supported to address gender inequities, and to ensure monitor delivery of health and education services.

We also work to increase understanding of the risk and protective factors underlying violence against women, including domestic violence to reduce the incidence of violence and the perceived threat among women and girls. Based on its past decades of experience of strengthening women leadership, we work to build capacities of women in leadership position in civil societies. Women supported by Centre for Catalyzing Change are taking on leadership roles in promoting family planning, ensuring birth preparedness, guiding adolescents, providing community based services and increasing awareness.

The Projects

Girls Education and Youth Development

Centre for Catalyzing Change strongly believes that creating a better future for women begins with educating young people. Our programs focus on building the leadership skills of adolescent girls and addressing the need for change in prevailing norms, and building awareness of health issues, especially sexual and reproductive health and issues of citizenship. We believe in enhancing awareness on nutrition, hygiene, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and civic responsibility and vocational training to reach out to in-school and out-of-school adolescents.

Centre for Catalyzing Change has experimented, incubated, piloted, refined and implemented — at substantial scale — a comprehensive portfolio of innovative youth programs. We partner with women leaders, community based organizations, state governments and agencies along with national and international organizations to innovate and implement projects and programs that create conducive environments to educate girls and provide them better life opportunities. Our projects and interventions have so far impacted the lives of one million young people and 500,000 adults who support youth in their communities. Among Centre for Catalyzing Changes’ most successful projects are Udaan and Tarang implemented in the states of Jharkhand and Bihar. Leapfrogging towards innovations using technology, our digital learning program, on Life Skills, YouthLIFE reaches out to 30,000 young people in Delhi and Jharkhand.

The Projects

Reproductive Health and Rights

Health risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth are major threats to a woman’s life in India. Healthcare for safe childbirth is the right of every woman, yet lack of quality of care, dearth of qualified medical functionaries, and non-access to basic medicines and medical facilities all contribute to maternal deaths. Maternal mortality in India is a significant global issue, since the country has a disproportionate share of global maternal deaths.

The Centre for Catalyzing Change, is the founding member and National Secretariat of the White Ribbon Alliance in India. The Alliance has a membership of over 1800 members in India and is the largest advocacy alliance in the world, working to save women and mothers worldwide. As a lead alliance member our programing range from working with communities and maternal health advocates across India to raise awareness on maternal health entitlements; build capacities to demand health system accountability and strengthening maternal health services and systems by working with health providers.

The Projects