Consultation on Leveraging Technology for Young People: Youth Connect

Centre for Catalyzing Change, in partnership with Microsoft Corporation is organizing a day long conference to showcase innovations around using new technologies for developing skills of young people. The conference  aims to to bring together NGO’s, social tech companies, innovation firms and government to dialogue on new and niche technologies available for reaching out to … Read more

Reproductive Health and Rights

Health risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth are major threats to a woman’s life in developing countries. Healthcare for childbirth is the right of every woman, yet lack of quality of care, dearth of qualified medical functionaries, and non- access to basic medicines and medical facilities all contribute to maternal deaths.  Centre for Catalyzing Change … Read more

Gender Equity and Governance

Until women are represented more fully in local, national and international decision-making bodies, their priorities will not receive the needed resources. Centre for Catalyzing Change is dedicated to assuring women’s greater participation in governance as a step to building stronger societies by mobilizing advocates for better public policy and increase women’s political participation. We have … Read more