Respect and Dignity for all Women and Newborns

Respectful Maternity Care is a universal human right that is due to every childbearing woman in every health system around the world.

RMC is an integral part of Quality of Care (QoC), which is increasingly recognized internationally as a critical aspect of the maternal and newborn health agenda.

It is recognized that high coverage alone is not enough to reduce maternal mortality and that increased coverage should be accompanied by improved quality throughout the continuum of care.

It's become ever so important to grow awareness and realisation that respectful care is both a healthcare practice as well as a rights-based issue, which is not an 'optional extra', but an inextricable component of quality maternity care.

Respectful Maternity Care is a universal human right that is due to every childbearing woman in every health system around the world.

Respectful Maternity Care Charter

The Universal Rights of Women and Newborns

  • WHAT

    The RMC charter articulates the rights of two entities, the woman, and the newborn, within the vision and provision of a framework for ethical, high-quality respectful maternity care that supports and upholds the dignity of both.


    This charter builds on the original Respectful Maternity Care Charter which has raised awareness and created policy change worldwide.

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The White Ribbon Alliance India invites you to Join Us in our efforts to promote the right of women and newborns to a respectful and dignified care and endorse the Respectful Maternity Care Charter: Universal Rights of Women and Newborns.

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