Make a Happy Period
Help Us Reach Our Goal
Why ?

With no source of income and lack of employment opportunities, schools closed down, lack of access and sometimes located in remote regions, many girls in India are facing a shortage of sanitary napkins – a life-saving essential item.

Unfortunately, these items are not necessarily considered essential, currently available in few shops and far off places, sometimes even out of stock. With such limited options, these young girls resort to unhygienic traditional practices that can have severe health implications, including fatal infections and irreversible illnesses.

A steady supply of sanitary products will not only ensure the health and well-being of these young girls, but will also allow them to experience menstruation in a dignified manner.

Make a girl’s periods safe again
  • Provide Sanitary Napkins to
    10 girls for 3 months INR 1000 / -

  • Provide Sanitary Napkins to
    50 girls for 3 months INR 5000 / -

  • Provide Sanitary Napkins to
    100 girls for 3 months INR 10000 / -

  • Provide Sanitary Napkins to
    500 girls for 3 months INR 50000 / -

*These include Logistic costs of door-to-door delivery of sanitary napkins with the help of our field staff and frontline workers, to ensure that no girl is left behind.

How are we helping the girls?
  • We guarantee procurement of high quality sanitary napkins, directly from the manufacturers.
  • We are coordinating with community level government officials for supporting sanitary napkin distribution process, ensuring door-to-door delivery and monitoring the supply system.
  • We are also using this opportunity to sensitize adolescent girls on their rights and entitlements. Discussing menstrual hygiene and other issues that impact adolescent health such as: early marriage, nutrition, gender issues, knowledge of contraceptive choices, understanding of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) including HIV.
  • We are addressing taboos and negative socio-cultural norms associated with menstrual hygiene practices through community- level environment building.