Reproductive Child Health Program

Maternal Health: Because Every Mother Matters

Maternal Health

Health risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth are major threats to a woman’s life in India. Healthcare for safe childbirth is the right of every woman, yet lack of quality of care, dearth of qualified medical functionaries, and lack of access to basic medicines and medical facilities all contribute to maternal deaths. Maternal mortality in India is a significant global issue, since the country has a disproportionate share of global maternal deaths.

The Centre for Catalyzing Change is the founding member and National Secretariat of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood in India. The Alliance has a membership of over 1800 organizational members in India and is the largest advocacy alliance in the world. As a lead alliance member our programs range from working with communities and maternal health experts across India to raise awareness on maternal health entitlements; improve service delivery and strengthen maternal health services and systems. Significant achievements have been many and varied; reproductive health has been linked with HIV/AIDS to increase awareness within community and has helped improve their quality of life. It has led to awareness and communities demanding equitable health services. We have also provided technical assistance and strengthened capacity of partners and stakeholders; worked with policy makers and implemented behavious change campaigns. Centre for Catalyzing Change has over the years made great strides towards promoting safe motherhood and drawing attention towards needless maternal deaths and prevent needless pregnancy related deaths.

Innovations In amplifying voices, creating demand for service quality and uptake is the prime intent of the project “Linking Women to Services: Mobile Monitor for Quality of Maternal Care (MoM-QC)” in Jharkhand. The project aims to transform women from passive, periodic recipients of health care services to actively engaged advocates for quality improvement of health services, using mobile technology in Jharkhand.

  • Inception Year: 2013
  • Supported by: Merck for Mothers
  • Partners: Gram Vaani, NBJK

Promoting Mother and Child centric Eco-systems The program is modeled on creating 10 Safe Motherhood Villages in Jharkhand. This is done by working with communities, governmental systems; including Departments of Health and Family Welfare, Women and Child Development, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and also utilizing existing forums to reach out to communities and build awareness and creating demand for maternal health entitlements and services.

  • Inception Year: 2013
  • Supported by: Grassroots Foundation
  • Partners: Srijan Foundation