Engaging Communities

Engaging Communities

Mother Child Health

India is home to an estimated 30% of the world’s new-born, 17% of the world’s maternal deaths, and bears 20% of the world’s child deaths. Every year close to 50,000 women die due to pregnancy and childbirth related complications. The need of the hour is greater will to translate intent into action at the grassroots. Engaging public and civil societies in ensuring entitlements, implementing programs motivates people led action and highlights the challenges in implementation.

Centre for Catalyzing Change as the National Secretariat of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood works with member CSOs in understanding local realities; in identifying gaps and solutions in programs and policies on maternal health and providing the state and national government with constructive feedback on implementation hurdles. It provides an opportunity for better engagement of civil society and duty bearers to meet important goals of preventing maternal deaths and morbidity.

WRAI’s approach of three drivers of success is inbuilt in the implementation of the project i.e. (1) the generation of demand for rights and better services, (2) the leveraging intermediaries to legitimize the demands of poor and marginalized women, and (3) the sensitization of civic leaders and health providers to women’s needs.

This initiative is implemented in selected areas in Rajasthan and West Bengal through State WRAs.