Charter of Demands

Charter of Demands

Hamara Swasytha Hamari Awaz is a campaign initiated by Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3), formerly known as CEDPA India, in partnership with 39 civil society organisations and networks like Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Bihar, Bihar Voluntary Health Association and ATSEC.

This campaign has reached out to 75,000 women in Bihar in all 38 districts, asking them to put forward their one expectation with regard to quality of care in reproductive and maternal health services. The data generated was analysed to the prioritise the service gaps and seek improvement. During the months of June and July, women in Bihar from East Champaran to Bhagalpur, Patna to Dharbhanga spoke to their respective Legislative Assembly Members and Members of Parliament. This was preceded by a state level meeting on 10th June, where women placed their demands before the Speaker, Vidhan Sabha and a small number of MLAs. In these two months, with the support of HSHA alliance members, 47 district and block level events were organized with the aim to provide a platform for interface with political leadership. The participants at these events included 150-300 women (at each event), local MLA/MP/representatives from PRI/District Magistrates and Health Department officials.

Women presented their memorandum “Maang Patra” to their leaders:

  1. Guarantee free health services to women –
    Ensure availability of skilled doctors 24X7 at government health facilities
    Ensure availability of free drugs and supplies at all government health facilities
    Ensure free ambulance services available 24X7
  2. Invest in generating awareness on all entitlements assured by the government; track time bound payments and strengthen monitoring mechanism to track dispersal of all the entitlements.
  3. Issue a government order committing to Zero Tolerance for abuse and disrespect and set up a phone line to for women to report abuse and denial in the lines of the 104-the other complain line that has been set up. Make display of Respectful Maternity Care Charter mandatory in all facilities.
  4. Formation of flying squads under the DM to conduct surprise visits to Facilities to ensure cleanliness
    This state level charter was combined with district level gaps that were highlighted for action by women leaders who spoke on the occasion. A demand charter is attached.

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हमारा स्वास्थ्य हमारी आवाज सेंटर फॉर केटलाइजिंग चेंज ( पूर्व में सेडपा इंडिया) और 39 स्वयं सेवी संस्थाओं द्वारा चलाया जाने वाला एक सयुंक्त अभियान है, इस में बिहार जन स्वास्थ्य अभियान, बिहार स्वैच्छिक स्वास्थ्य संघ और एटसेक जैसे नेटवर्क शामिल हैं।
इस कैंपेन के तहत बिहार के 38 जिलों से 75000 महिलाओं ने अपनी गुणात्मक मातृत्व स्वास्थ्य से संबधित मांगें रखी. इन मांगों का विस्तृत रूपसे अध्यन किया गया ताकि सेवाओं में सुधार लाया जा सके. जून और जुलाई के महीने में इस्ट चंपारण से भागलपुर और पटना से दरभंगा तक महिलाओं ने अपने जन प्रतिनिधि और सांसद के समक्ष अपनी मांगे रखी. इस से पहले 10 जून को एक राज्य स्तरीय कार्यक्रम के दौरान 300 महिलाओं ने विधान सभा अध्यक्ष के’ सामने एक मांग पत्र संग्रहित किया. मांग पत्र सलंगित है. और जानकारी के लिए कृप्या हमारे फेसबुक पेज को देखिये: