EACH – Equal Access for Change, Harnessing Opportunities

EACH – Equal Access for Change, Harnessing Opportunities

Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3) in partnership with the Barr Foundation is proposing to expand and strengthen the implementation of the SABLA and the RKSK schemes through a convergence model in the district of West Singhbhum in Jharkhand. This proposed convergence model is expected to have an impact in the provision of a comprehensive package of information and services to the adolescent girls and boys in an effort to provide them vital inputs for their overall empowerment as well as develop their ability to seek positive health behaviors resulting in them being able to make critical life choices by voicing their consent and by developing the ability to access contraception.

Project EACH ( Equal Access for Change, Harnessing Opportunities) will try and address some key challenges and findings from its experience of implementation of the SABLA scheme in Gumla, in this proposed project ,the focus will be on convergence between the various departments viz Women and Child, Health, Education and Health, address training and capacity building gaps on certain aspects of the schemes like provision of information and services, provision of information on vocational training, and consolidation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

C3’s experience of working in Jharkhand and more specifically in the implementation of the SABLA scheme suggests that the ground level convergence between various programs and their activities needs to take place, to avoid duplication as well as for effective and utilization of entitlements and services. Also, with the RKSK being launched in the country, it becomes all the more relevant to try and integrate aspects of both the schemes and evolve a convergent model, which benefits both adolescents’ boys and girls.

Primary Target Audience: 52275 adolescent boys and 52275 adolescent girls aged 10- 19 years. The program will provide training and support to 104550 disadvantaged youth, over the three-year life of the program. Participants will be aged 10-19.