C3-Unniti Small Grants Program

C3-Unniti Small Grants Program

In India today, poverty is widespread and even with a staggering rise of the Indian wealthy, deprivations persists far and wide. No other time in this century has seen a need and space for philanthropy as this. Heralded as the second golden age of philanthropy, studies from across the globe, including the Boston College Social Welfare Institute, the Economist, the Wall Street journal, academicians and industry leaders in India are enthusiastic about the new era of philanthropy and giving.

The C3-Unniti small grants program nurtures individuals and organizations for change and empowerment through meaningful small grants for big impacts. Carrying forward the legacy of empowering communities, particularly women and girls, the C3 Unniti Small Grants Program assists women and girls from across India to improve their lives. These grants offer individuals and organizations, opportunities to innovate and build their own futures It works towards enabling and enhancing the opportunities for girls, women and youth who are victims of various prejudices to live an empowered life.

Established in 1989, Unniti Foundation was one of the first philanthropic organizations working on a micro-philanthropic model in the area of gender, health rights and empowerment in India. In 2015, Unniti and C3 entered into a strategic partnership to create a niche model of strategic, impact driven giving at grassroots. This strategic partnership between Unniti and C3 seeks to build upon Unniti’s legacy and draw upon C3’s experience and network to take forward the agenda of providing small grants at the local level towards building the agency of women and girls.


C3Unniti as a grant-giving organization believes that its support goes far beyond financial assistance. Without interfering in grantees’ projects, C3 Unniti aims to provide technical assistance and guidance to build organizational capability, sustainability, and to encourage local fundraising in the community. Depending on the proposed project, C3Unniti initially provides grants for a period of one to two years.

C3 Unniti, endeavors to work in a flexible manner with its grantees. In our grant-giving philosophy, we focus on their priority needs, encourage local initiatives and help towards self- sufficiency. Towards achieving this goal, C3Unniti’s giving now encompasses multi-year grants based on the experience that one-year seed money gives limited credibility for local fund-raising efforts. It is important to get local support for sustainability with a measure of independence and good governance.

As a local grant giving organisation, we are privileged to have a close contact with grantees, which allows for a flexible response to their changing needs. We believe in the power of micro-philanthropists who do not have to give millions of rupees but small amounts as needed by groups and initiatives that are important in strengthening civil society.

Depending upon the specific needs of the organisations, size of the grants may from vary from Rs 10,000 –Rs 5,00,000.