As we battle the spread of deadly COVID-19, this is the time to stand up for the poor, the marginalized, the vulnerable members of our society and for all the health workers, frontline workers, field officials, service providers who are putting their lives at risk, every day. Coronavirus has led to a nationwide lockdown, creating fear and havoc among our lives, but some have been affected adversely. This is an appeal to join hands in our battle against #Covid19, to come together and provide support to those who need it the most.


The district of Gumla in Jharkhand, home to many vulnerable tribes, is grappling with severe loss of livelihoods, a lack of awareness, and great dearth of medical essentials in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the concern and uncertainty of Covid-19, has led to a rise in myths and superstitions.
C3 has been dedicatedly working in Gumla since 2006, and during this crisis, our team on ground requires your valuable help to fulfill emergency needs – as we work with officials from the health department, panchayat office bearers and frontline workers.

Your donation will:

  •  provide essential relief materials consisting of dry food materials, health and hygiene kits including sanitary pads to 500 beneficiaries of 100 villages, especially adolescent girls, families below poverty line, migrant labourers, tribal communities, single women, and people with disabilities.
  • provide personal protection kits (sanitizer, soaps, surgical masks, gloves, etc) to frontline healthcare workers at 151 quarantine centres.

In Odisha, access to proper hygiene (such as hand-washing with soap, etc) is limited, and over-crowded settlements offer little scope for social distancing. There is an alarmingly great shortage in the availability of protective essentials like face-masks and hand sanitisers, along with their increased demand.
C3 is supporting women self-help groups (SHGs) in the region who are mobilising to give back to the community in these trying times.

Your donation will help us:

  • support SHGs to self-manufacture and distribute over 50,000 masks and 5000 bottles of hand sanitisers.
  • enable the SHGs to sell the surplus masks at cheaper rates to meet their increased demand

Bihar, under its mitigation strategy, has converted schools and panchayat offices into quarantine centres. Panchayat ward members, ASHA workers, and Anganwadi workers have been tasked to go door-to-door and distribute essential rations, basic health services and information on COVID-19. Unfortunately, these workers are NOT EQUIPPED with protective gear or effective transportation - putting their own lives at risk to help their communities.
As the fear of Covid-19 rises in the country, we, at C3, are committed to working closely with 105 gram panchayats in Aurangabad, Sheikpura and Patna, supporting the health and safety of 600 ward members and 600 frontline workers.

Your donation will help us ensure:

  • Delivery of essential medical goods (like surgical masks, gloves, hand-towels, sanitisers, soap, etc)
  • Food for staff members and workers on the field
  • travel support to help workers disseminate goods and information door-to-door
  • Dissemination of audio video messages for creating awareness about the virus, symptoms and entitlement

Corona Virus is affecting each one of us. But for some, this mayhem is causing more hardships than we can imagine. Delhi is home to millions of daily wagers, migrant labourers, street dwellers who have all been left to fend for themselves during this pandemic. With no source of income, limited resources, and lack of proper information – many have moved to shelter homes to find help.
We are persistently working with hundreds of shelter homes across Delhi-NCR in supporting the wellbeing and safety of the most marginalized and vulnerable people from our community.

Your donation will:

  • Provide food to the homeless people from the city
  • Provide Sanitation supplies, such as masks, soaps, disinfectants, to daily wagers, street dwellers
  • Help us create awareness on proper hygiene and safety measures required to combat the spread of Covid-19
West Bengal

In block Ulluberia of West Bengal’s Howrah district, vulnerable populations including that of the elderly, girls and women, are grappling with the effects of the coronavirus lockdown. Though a quarantine centre has been set up, it urgently requires personal hygiene kits - sanitisers, masks, head caps and other protective gear. Local volunteers who are distributing essential items to villagers also lack protective infrastructure, which puts their lives at great risk.
C3, in collaboration with Amazon India’s CSR initiative, is striving to make sure the villagers get all the support they need to tackle this crisis.

Your valuable donation will help us:

  • Supply 1000 Hygiene and Nutrition Packets (containing soaps, sanitisers, masks, menstrual hygiene products for women, baby food, packaged food, etc,) to local communities.
  • Supply 500 hygiene and protection kits to health service providers and 500 sets of Personal Protection Equipment (including surgical masks, gloves, sanitizers, shoe covers, etc.)

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