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About Centre for Catalyzing Change

The Centre for Development and Population Activities, India is now the Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3). A decade of sustained work to empower and mobilize young people, men and women commemorates the journey of the organisation, that began as one of the first organizations working with life skills education for adolescents through it comprehensive programs. We are a non-governmental organization with the mission to empower women in all sectors of development and to that end we work with young people, including in and out of school adolescent boys and girls in rural and urban India. Our technical expertise extends to incubating, implementing and scaling up programs focused on its thematic areas of youth education, gender and maternal health/reproductive rights, specialising in at- scale programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Till date, we have reached more than one million girls and boys in India and equipped them with practical life skills, improved confidence in personal decision-making and increased self-esteem. In the past couple of years we have been using digital technology to build young people’s capacities on health, life skills and gender equity issues.


Working at scale to reach the unreached

We work at scale to test scale and replicability of successful innovations and unearth the challenges of reaching large numbers of those in need. We have an expanded array of interventions and documented cases, about maximizing the prospects for new and innovative service-delivery models to achieve scale. We design and test models and approaches which will help build evidence about at scale programmes. We are leveraging government programmes to reach out of school adolescent girls in Jharkhand through integration with Government of India’s programmes and schemes for empowerment of adolescent girls.

Leveraging technology for Innovations

Leveraging technology to impact and reach targeted beneficiaries has been one of the most significant achievements of recent times. Our digital learning programmes, scaled up with education departments across two states have reached out to more than 30,000 adolescents. Our mHealth program for quality of care for pregnant mothers in Jharkhand in its pilot phase has reached 500 women. Our newest innovation has been the use of technology based edutainment tools to reach families and communities in rural Bihar on violence against women and gender equality.

Quality in Programmes Implementation

In India since 2001, we have been a leader in designing and implementing quality programme that both empower and mobilize young people, women and men to be equal partners in development. Leveraging government programmes to reach out to larger numbers of beneficiaries; poor and marginalised communities, have been our strength. Helping government programmes reach their targeted beneficiaries in an efficient manner, with quality standards and protocols have been the bulwark of our work.

Partner to Government Initiatives and Technical Groups

We believe in working closely with National and State Governments to help the government body’s role their programmes, schemes and increase their reach. Working within a sustainability and replicability framework, in congruence with global and national priorities our work supplements governmental action in the field, helping programmes reach beneficiaries. At the national level, the organisation has been part of many Ministry led initiatives. We have also worked very closely with government bodies such as the NAC, NIHFW, NHSRC, providing valuable technical assistance on guidelines and protocols. We are also members of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) responsible for Youth Issues, of Department of AIDS Control (DAC) /NACO and Members of the National MOHFW led RMNCH +A Coalition. In Jharkhand we are the core group member in Early Child Education by Department of Women and Child Development, a TAG member in Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan. Also in Jharkhand, we are present at the state level NRHM’s governing body member, the Jharkhand MNCHN and as TAG member in State level Adolescent Education Program led by the Department of HR. Working on Adolescent Education, we are also TAG member of the Jharkhand State Aids Control Society and the Jharkhand NRHM. We are also TAG member in the ARSH division for Adolescent Education. In Bihar, Centre for Catalyzing Change is part of the Committee developing Women’s Empowerment Policy by Department of Women and Child Development and a TAG member under SCERT for Adolescent Education Program for developing curriculum.

Centre for Catalyzing Change has diverse staff and governance, in principle with the organization’s mission of building leadership particularly among women. The organization is headed by a woman from the north eastern region. Staff in Delhi and in the state offices of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal represents regional, racial, linguistic diversity including those representing minority populations. The organization staff also comprise of women in senior management and senior programmatic position. More than half of C3’s board members are also women.